Adult pottery parties

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Look no further for a great location for your next Birthday-Anniversary-Shower-Meeting-Luncheon or Birthday Party occasions for creating are endless.​...​​
Pick-A-Handbuilding Project or Pottery Wheel Throwing​ and get MaKing!

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Pottery Wheel Throwing and Hand-Building event options in South St. Louis. Learn to throw on the potters wheel or pick-a-project! Feel free to bring your own drinks and snacks, BYOB.  SBAP provides glasses, plates, cups, napkins, silverware, and wine openers.

Book your event $144

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Book your event $144

2 TWO Hour Events

$30 per person

Hand-Building 101

Two Hour Pottery Parties are a great way to try something new, be creative, make something you can keep, and have a great time with friends, family or co-workers!  Pick a theme for the whole group. Everyone will do the same type of project, yet each project will be unique. 


Make-A-Soup-Mug, Make-A-Tea-Cup, 

Make-A-Coffee-Mug, Make-A-Bowl

Lotus Flower Tea Light, Succulent Planter

Sink Pot Drainer, Asian Bowl with Feet,

Lemon Juicer, Butter Dish

Endless possibilities for creating...

Check out the project gallery above for ideas...


The group will pick a color for everyones project to be dipped in by the instructor.  

book your event $144

3 Hour Events

$45 per person

Wheel Throwing 101

Whether you are a beginner at the wheel or just brushing up on techniques, we will meet you at your level. Guests will learn all about clay and how to wedge, center, and throw on the potters wheel.  Watch a demonstration, work with a partner and more... Practice makes perfect and process over product has never been more fun! 


At the end of the party each student will have two pieces to keep from the potters wheel. The group will pick a color for everyones project to be dipped in by the instructor. 

Wheel Throwing has a 10 person minimum 16 person maximum

Book your event $144

Costs & Times

2 TWO Hour Event

Hand-building 101 - $30 a student

Tuesdays: 7:30-9:30

Wednesdays: 12-2 / 7-9

Thursdays: 12-2 / 2-4 / 7-9

Fridays: 12-2 / 2-4

Saturdays: 12-2 / 2-4 / 4-6 / 7-9

Sundays: 12-2 / 3-5

3 THREE Hour Event

Wheel Throwing 101 - $45 a student

Tuesdays: 7-10

Wednesdays: 11:30-2:30 / 7-10

Thursdays: 7-10

Saturdays: 4-7pm / 7-10

Sundays: 11-2pm / 2-5


10 person min / 24 max

We have a smaller capacity on:

Thurs, Fri, Sat 12-2 & 2-4

7 person min, 12 max

Large Group Events

Give us a call if you are looking for a larger group up to about 36-45 as we can accommodate however an additional deposit and information is required.

Book your event $144



Pottery is ready for pick-up in 3-4 weeks. Click here to see if your pottery is ready to be picked-up. Due to the nature of clay project need to dry for 1-2 weeks before the first fire (bisque) and then we dip in glaze and do the 2nd fire (glaze).  Sometimes projects are ready in 2 weeks however it is best to check before making a special trip.


When you host an event at South Broadway Art Project you are directly supporting sustainable community arts programming such as scholarships for TAP Teen Apprenticeships, and equitable Open Workshop time for all members of our community!