Kids Birthday Parties in St. Louis


Occasions for creating are endless.​...​​

Look no further for a great location for your next kids Birthday Party! Pick-A-Project or Pottery Wheel Experience and get MaKing!

  • Ages 6-16
  • Feel free to bring pizza, snacks, treats or cake.
  • SBAP provides lemonade, plates, cups, napkins, utensils.
  • Each guest will receive a party favor for a 1 Free hour Gift Certificate to Pottery Open Workshop.

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About Kids Parties

Sit back, relax and let us do all the  creative work for your kids next birthday party!  We provide the most creative options for kids parties in St. Louis. Birthday Partiers will love getting their hands in clay making their own custom designed mug, cup, bowl or sculpture as well as opportunities to paint their own pottery or learn how to throw on the potters wheel. Let us make your next birthday party the most memorable yet!



Read below to find out more about our Pottery Party's and which type of project or experience  is the best option for your group!

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2 Hour Party

Two Hour Pottery Parties are a great way to try something new, be creative, make something you can keep, and have a great time!  The birthday guest of honor gets to pick a theme for the whole group. Everyone will do the same type of project, yet each project will be unique. 


  • Make-A-Mug, Cup, Bowl
  • Trinket Jar
  • Big-Mouth Creature
  • Pretty Cupcake
  • Succulent Planter


The guest of honor gets to pick a color for the groups project to be dipped in by the instructor.  If a group wants to have time to paint and glaze with tons of color choices you should add an extra 30 minutes for $6 a guest and make it a 2.5 hour event.


2.5 Hour Party

Two and a Half Hour Parties are a great way to celebrate and take your MaKing to the next level!  The birthday guest of honor gets to Pick-A-Project, Paint and Glaze or do a Wheel Throwing experience for the whole group! Everyone will do the same type of project or activity, yet each creation will be unique. 


Pick-A-Project Parties will have the option to hand-paint and glaze their own pottery choosing from a huge color palette.


  • Make-A-Mug, Cup, Bowl
  • Trinket Jar
  • Figurine
  • Big-Mouth Creature
  • Pretty Cupcake
  • Piggy Bank
  • Lantern
  • Succulent Planter
  • Name Plaque

Pottery Wheel Throwing

Birthday Partiers will learn all about clay and how to wedge, center, and throw on the potters wheel. At the end of the event each student will have  2 pieces to keep from the potters wheel. Each student will have time at the end to add handles and imprint designs to their cups and bowls. Wheel Throwing has a 10 person minimum 16 person maximum.

Book Now $144

Costs & Times

2 Hour Party's

$24 a student

7 person min 12 max

Thursdays & Fridays

12-2 / 2-4 / 4-6


12-2 / 2-4

2.5 Hour Party's

$30 a student

10 person min 24 max

Wheel Throwing

10 person min 16 max


12-2:30 / 6:30-9pm




4-6:30 / 7-9:30


11:30-2pm / 2:30-5pm

Give us a call if you are looking for a larger group up to about 36 as we can accommodate however an additional deposit and information is required.


When you host an event at South Broadway Art Project you are directly supporting sustainable community arts programming such as scholarships for TAP Teen Apprenticeships, and equitable Open Workshop time for all members of our community!

Book Now $144