Pathways to Wheel Throwing

What is wheel throwing?


Wheel Throwing is defined in which a lump of clay is placed centrally on the potters wheel, and then squeezed, lifted and shaped as the wheel is turned. When your first getting started on the wheel it’s all about stepping out of your comfort zone, getting your hands dirty, learning something new, AND gaining a new respect for a very old art form. We can’t promise you will make museum quality artwork your first time but we can promise you will have tons of fun!

Pottery Open Workshop


THURS - FRI 12-7 & SAT 10-4

Wheel Throwing & Hand-Building

Step-by-step instruction for all levels age 5-adult! Open Workshop gives students flexibility to drop-in or reserve studio time.  Lunch hour, after work, after school, after dinner, bring your mom, kids, friends, neighbors and co-workers. Learn more about 2, 5, 12 & 28 hour passes...

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12 Hour Pass


Get a 12 HourPass at Open Workshop. Beginners can expect to learn all about the basics of wheel throwing while having fun!  Surrender yourself to the process and practice makes perfect!  It takes a bit of practice to intentionally make forms but you can expect to get lots of little cups and bowls at first then skies the limit if you spend enough time in the studio practicing!

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28 Hour Pass


Get a 28 hour pass at Open Workshop. Beginners, Intermediate, or Advanced students are welcome to buy a 28 hour pass. Do you want to learn how to improve your forms? Want to learn how to throw lids and handles, no problem! Want to learn how to throw 3, 5 or 10 pounds no problem! Basically no matter what your wanting to achieve with your pottery practice we can meet you where your at and get you where you want to be.

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clay date night


Clay Date Night "Wheel Throwing 101"

is on Friday nights 7-10pm BYOB. Learn the basics of Wheel Throwing and have a little fun! $50 Class Fee covers: clay, glaze & firing. Students will spend about 1/2 of their time learning to throw on the potters wheel and the other half of class time is spent watching a demonstration, working with a

partner and more...  

Private Wheel Throwing Event


Look no further for a great location for your next Birthday-Anniversary-Shower-Meeting-Luncheon or Kids Birthday Party, occasions for creating are endless. We offer three hour event options for wheel throwing with a group, Tuesday thru Sunday​. Everyone will get a crash course of wheel throwing and get to keep their two

favorite pieces from class