South St. Louis Pottery Studio

Our Studio


SBAP is a place where clay, sewing and fashion design meets community. We are an open studio for creative and wanna-be creative kids, teens and adults in St. Louis. We are inspired by people like you who know there's more to life than homework, meetings, budgets and deadlines. Choose South Broadway Art Project as your next creative destination to take your MaKing to the next level!

Making with a Mission


Lunch hour. After work. After dinner. Bring your mom, kids, friends, co-workers... At SBAP we are committed to improving the lives of Saint Louis kids, teens, adults, residents, visitors and volunteers of different neighborhoods, different jobs, identities and backgrounds. We provide affordable and free opportunities in pottery, ceramics, textile and sewing classes. By doing this we believe we can change lives and our community through art!

We are all MaKers


We love creatives who believe in making things by hand and don't mind getting messy or dirty. You need a place to get away from it all. Start an Etsy shop. Make your own mug or dinnerware set, or work on your portfolio. Even if you have never touched clay or a sewing machine before you can find your path here. All of our staff and instructors are highly skilled, experienced and qualified to help you on your MaK-ing journey...

Our Creative Team

Executive Director


Sarah Rye Bliss + Co-Founder
Sarah is an artist, educator, community volunteer and  mother of three children. Sarah graduated from Webster University in 2000 studying Studio Art with a focus in Architectural Ceramics, and Secondary Art Education. Sarah has been working as an artist and art educator for the past 18 years.  Sarah is a long-time resident of Marine Villa with

close ties to the community.

Program Role: Sarah oversees the artistic and effective day-to-day operation of SBAP as well as the planning, implementation and evaluation of programs, and services.  Sarah also works closely with the Board of Directors on Fund-raising.

Associate Director


Tim Bliss + Co-Founder
Tim graduated from Webster University in 2000 with a Bachelor of Arts in Studio Art with a concentration in Sculpture. Tim has been working for the past 18 years in as a sculptor, carpenter, and project manager. Tim is a resident of Marine Villa and is actively involved in neighborhood beautification and

community activities.

Organization Role:  Tim is responsible for making sure that our buildings and their services meet the needs of students, staff and visitors. He also works to bring public art projects to life through his background in sculpture and project management.

Instructor & TAP Director


Brittany Marquardt + Pottery Instructor

Brittany is an artist, educator, mother of two, and Dutchtown neighborhood resident who is an active volunteer in the community. Brittany has a B.A. in Art Education from Humboldt State University in Arcata California (2009).  Brittany has also studied Ceramics at Webster University and St. Louis Community College. Brittany also sews and creates wearable clothing and textiles in her free time.

Program Role:  Brittany is the lead Pottery Instructor and works with the Teen Apprenticeship Pottery program as well as coordinating parents, students, and community within the TAP Teen Apprentice Program. Brittany also assists with the TAP Fashion Design.

Pottery Instructor


Ron Tolie

Growing up right around the corner from SBAP, Ron has close ties to the neighborhoods of South Broadway.  Ron is a St. Louis local artist, podcast host, personal trainer, and competitive powerlifter.  He received his BFA in Ceramics from Southeast Missouri State University in Cape Girardeau, Missouri.  Ron has participated in and been accepted to a multitude of Juried and Group exhibitions for his Ceramic sculptures and pottery.  In the Fall of 2014 Ron was an Artist in Residence in Leavenworth, WA and for the last five Summers he worked as the lead pottery instructor at Cedar Lake Camp in Milford, PA. 

Organization Role: Ron works as a Pottery Instructor, and visiting artist for Teen Apprenticeships, as well as working private parties and events.

Fashion Design Instructor


We will have a new position posted soon!

Gallery Assistant


We will have a new position posted soon!

Board of Directors


Our board of directors is comprised of parents, and community members.  The boards main role is fundraising for the FREE Teen Apprenticeship Project.

Community Partners


We have some amazing community partners such as Regional Arts Commission, Missouri Arts Council,  Dutchtown South Community Corporation, Neighborhood schools and organizations.

Parent Ambassadors


Parents of Teen Apprentices are Parent Ambassadors. We count on our Parents to not only support their teen but other teens as well by helping raise money and awareness.