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Donations help make our equitable community studio model possible such as providing scholarships for TAP Teen Apprenticeship Project and affordable Open Workshop time for all members of our community regardless of age, race, gender, or background.



Often the people who have the least GiVe the most. Regardless of the amount you GiVe we value every donation of any size. Please help fund some very important services that help make South City St. Louis and the entire region a better place for residents and visitors.



With your support we will be able to do things in the coming year like grant scholarships, support our young entrepreneurs, make necessary repairs to sewing machines and kilns, buy new equipment, make facility improvements and expand our gallery space.

GiVing Tuesday kicks off our annual giving for 2019 at SBAP! Whether you GiVe $10, $50, or $500 every donation will directly impact our mission to change lives and community through art! When you GiVe to SBAP you support year-round programs that connect visitors and residents of all ages to the arts, to the city and to one another. We are grateful for your support, click on the links below to MaKe-A-Donation today.

MaKe-A-Donation Today


Teens make ceramic tokens to leave throughout the city as a source of inspiration and peace


Help someone MaKe-A-Mug at Community Open Workshop. 

Empty Bowl

Every Empty Bowl made and sold helps fill the heart and mind of a teen artist...

Sewing Machine Repairs

All of our machines are oldie but goodies! Help us make some necessary repair and tune-ups...

Support Young Entrepreneurs

Teen Apprenticeship Pop-Up Shop Suitcases need supplies for their small business...

New Sewing Machine

We love our oldie but goodie sewing machines but would also love a few new machines...

Fashion Design Camp Scholarship

Every $500 represents a 1 week Fashion Design Summer Camp scholarship for a Teen

New Pottery Wheel & Tools

Our goal is to add 3 new pottery wheels in the coming year! Help us serve more students...

1 Year Scholarship for a Teen

$2,500 funds a 1 year scholarship to attend the Teen Apprenticeship Project after school.

Sustaining Benefactors

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